Crowdfunding this Week: 9/27

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Crowdfunding this Week: 9/27

Welcome to Crowdfunding this Week, where we select some of the best playing card projects on the various crowdfunding platforms this week. Four projects for you to check out this week:

NIPPONIA Playing Cards

Relaunched. Custom illustrated playing cards inspired by medieval Japan and printed by NoirArts Playing Card Company.

Kickstarter project by: Kieran Alexander
Current Status: 31% Funded
Pledge Amount: $14 for single deck
Ends: October 17th, 2015

EMINENCE Playing Cards [First Look]

Two beautiful decks of playing cards that feature full embossing, 54 custom cards and metallic inks. Available in gold or platinum.

Kickstarter project by:Vadim Smolenskiy
Current Status: 52% Funded
Pledge Amount: $15 for single deck
Ends: October 23rd, 2015

DUEL Playing Cards

A fun & playful Harlequin-inspired playing cards are designed by London-based graphic designer & illustrator Joelle Wall. Printed by the USPCC.

Kickstarter project by: David Goldklang
Current Status: 51% Funded
Pledge Amount: $13 for single deck
Ends: October 18th, 2015

GRINDERS Playing Cards [First Look]

Premium Playing Cards encased in luxurious packaging of Copper and Silver Foils by Midnight Card.

Kickstarter project by: Randy Butterfield
Current Status: 54% Funded
Pledge Amount: $14 for single deck
Ends: November 2nd, 2015

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