Collections: Carat Card Cases

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Collections: Carat Card Cases

Something a little different this week in Collections, we spend so much of our time building our collections, but what do we do with all these wonderful decks once we have them? Do you store them in a box never to be seen again? I've been a collector a very long time and while displaying your passion can become difficult, especially if you have a larger collection, it's still nice to be able to showcase a few here and there.

I only have a few "Rules" when it comes to my collection, and one of them is to display as many as I can. If your like me, scouring and hunting those new additions, you should have those reminders around to show the fruits of your labor and the passion behind your collection.

Last year, Sherman Tsao came across an image of a single acrylic display case while scouring the internet for affordable playing card display cases and began to wonder if he could have them made for a reasonable price...

"I really only started out to make some boxes for myself  to use with my collection because everything that was on the market was quite expensive and with the number of decks that I wanted to display (and protect), it would have been financially unfeasible.  After deciding what I wanted, I found an acrylic manufacturer to make samples for me, which turned out great."

- Sherman

(Version 1 Pictured)

So as with anything, cost goes down with quantities, so after placing his initial order he began posting the cases in forums to see if anyone was interested in the case for their own collections. Well, let's say there was a lot of interest.

With the demand of the original Carat Card Case, Sherman has made some minor changes to the new cases for this year, along with expanding the product line. This year you'll find not only the single deck case, the Carat X1, but the addition of 2, 3 and 4 deck cases, the Carat X2, Carat X3 and Carat X4.

The changes made are subtle, but really do "finish" the cases wonderfully, the edges have been beveled moving away from the hard edge of the original and some nice branding has been added as well.

These cases are amazing, there is no two ways about it. If you're looking for an eye catching way to show your prized possession and protect them at the same time, look no further. The cases are constructed using 5mm Acrylic sheets and utilize Neodymium magnets, 10x stronger than your average magnet. The Carat X1 uses 4 magnets, one in each corner while the larger multi-deck Carat X4 has 8 for a better seal. Additionally, each case now comes with a set of 4 rubber "feet" that can be used as you see fit, preventing the ultra clear acrylic from resting directly on a surface. Multi deck cases also include a set of acrylic spacers to place in between decks. This not only centers the decks in the case, but also secures them in place with a nice snug fit.

Carat X1
Carat X2
The quality of the cases is second to none, the acrylic is super clear and the fit is perfect. While you may not want to house your entire collection in Carat cases, there is no doubt there are more than a few that would look stunning in one of them. I couldn't recommend these cases any higher, they present an affordable solution to a collectors problem, even non-collectors, magicians and enthusiasts should appreciate these cases, instead of tossing that signed deck by your favorite magician or cardist in a drawer or just on a shelf exposed to the elements, protect that personal memento and display it as it should be.

Carat X3
If you would like more details on the cases themselves please visit the Official Website. You'll find all the details on the construction and dimensions there. If your interested in picking up a few Carat cases, they are available through a few distributors at the moment, you can reach out to any of them for pricing on the cases as well as shipping information.

Carat X4
We want to thank Sherman for the opportunity to showcase these beautiful cases. Collections are meant to be seen and enjoyed, bring some of those special decks out of the drawers and brick boxes with a few Carat Card Cases and enjoy the talent and work that went into them. 

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