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News: The Mint Collection Hits $80k, Teases Final Stretch Goal

The final stretch goal for the Mint Playing Cards by 52Kards has finally been revealed in an update titled "One Final Stretch Goal", a reference to the close of the Kickstarter campaign in the coming week.

In a Kickstarter update, founder Asad Chaudhry revealed the new Edition to the Mint Collection: The Raspberry Mint deck.

"The next edition we have planned is the Raspberry Mint deck, and we were originally going to release it next year sometime," Asad said. "However due to the massive success of this project, if we reach our next stretch goal then we can get the Raspberry Mints printed at the same time as the Black Mints!"

If funding makes it to $90k, the Raspberry Mint deck will be unlocked and will be available to backers as a $10 add-on. The new Edition will include all the same features as the Black Mint deck: marking system, gas cards, custom seal, embossed & foiled tuck exterior and interior foiled tuck design. No expenses have been spared!

You can guarantee yourself a copy of the Mint Collection, which is expected to ship in June 2016, by pledging at least $10. Head to the Kickstarter page to see all of the other pledge tiers and rewards. Funding comes to a close in less than 5 days, ending March 3.
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