Deck View: The US Army Playing Cards

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Deck View: The US Army Playing Cards

Respect. Honor. Country.

Designed by Jackson Robinson, in respect and appreciation for those in the US Military and in honour of the rich history of the US Army. The US Army Playing Cards deck is a fully custom playing card deck celebrating the United States Army.

The deck design emphasises on the evolution of the Army uniform throughout the major conflicts of it's history. From the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI & WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and the modern conflicts in the middle east. 

In a departure from Jackson's usual art style, this deck is more fluid and raw while maintaining some of the line work of his previous decks. The tuck will be printed with 4 color process, inside and out, on premium vellum stock.  Each face card will depict a servicemen or servicewoman in a period correct uniform, a way to chronicle the evolution of the US Army uniform and dress. The Aces feature commonly used military helicopters. Printed by the USPCC.

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