First Look: Apothecary by Seasons Playing Cards

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First Look: Apothecary by Seasons Playing Cards

Seasons Playing Cards and Alex Chin never disappoint. Always looking beyond the norm Seasons always brings something deep in its creation and cultivation.

Apothecary is the latest project coming from Seasons Playing Cards. Already shrouded in a bit of mystery, Apothecary is already showing the tell tale signs of the attention to detail and brilliant talent of Alex Chin.

The few things we do know is that Apothecary will be launching as a 2 deck set on Kickstarter some time in September and Alex Chin is hoping to bring something a little different to this campaign. According to Alex,

This campaign will have a bit more engagement than a typical KS and I'm hoping to really expand the collector experience with this one.

 As the release date and more details become available we'll do our very best to keep our readers informed of the progress that Apothecary is making.In the mean time, you can "Join the Journey" here and start to be a part of this "experience".

We're very excited about this project and looking forward to traveling the journey with the project and our readers. We leave you with one more little mystery in the form of a teaser trailer... what do YOU make of it?

We would like to thank Alex Chin and Seasons Playing cards for the opportunity to bring this new journey to you all. Here's looking forward to an interesting and exciting project!

You can visit Seasons Playing Cards on their official website and also follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on all the Seasons news and products.

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