Analytics: Project by Numbers - Jetsetter Playing Cards (Premier Edition) Playing Cards

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Analytics: Project by Numbers - Jetsetter Playing Cards (Premier Edition) Playing Cards

In our Project by Numbers analytic series, we look at the stats behind the Kickstarter project, from number of backers, pledge amounts, add-ons to traffic sources and shipping costs. In the first quarter of 2017, we will look at numbers behind Paul Ruccio's Kickstarter project,  Jetsetter (Premier Edition) Playing Cards- including backers, pledges, and shipping.

To start off, we want to thank Paul for the basic data and giving us a very rare insight of the numbers that make up this project.

The Project

The Jetsetter Premier Edition was launched almost a year ago, March 29th, 2016 with a funding goal of $8k. The 30-days project reached its goal on day 11 and achieved 35% above the funding goal. Project overview:


First, we look at the backer numbers. The 261 backers are made out of:

Domestic backers pledged on average $11.3 higher than international backers. Here's how the average domestic and international pledges look like:

The higher average pledge for international backers could be due to backers optimizing their shipping cost by pledging for higher tiers.

Where do the majority of the domestic backers come from? Here are the top 10 states by the number of domestic backers:

While the top 10 countries by backer numbers:
The top 10 from both domestic and international make up 71% of the total project backers!


Looking at the amount pledged of $10.8k, a large percentage of backers are based in the domestic United States with 72%.

Note that 3% of pledges did not get banked due non-processed credit card errors.

From the total pledged amount, 76% of the backers pledged $9 to $32 tiers, with the most popular pledge being the $9 reward tier, which consists one Jetsetter Premier Editon deck. Histogram as follows:

Breaking it down further to examine the pledge levels of both domestic and international backers.

The one and two deck reward tiers are popular amongst domestic backers while international backers, pledged for the four and six deck reward tiers to save on shipping costs with large quantities as mentioned above.

Where do they go? 

Here's a global view (based on backer numbers) of the countries that the Jetsetter decks were shipped to:

Excluding the US, that the decks were delivered to 19 different countries around the world. In terms of spending, here are the top 10 countries based on pledge size:

Meanwhile for domestic US map:

Here are the top 10 states based on pledge size:

Based on these numbers, we hope you will better understand and appreciate the complexities of a Kickstarter project.

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