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Card Radar: The Brooklyn 101 Back Playing Cards

The Brooklyn 101 Back Playing Cards are brought to you by the Brookyln Playing Card Co. The company's vision was to create a functional deck of cards for the working magician, performing direct and impossible magic.

The result is a timeless blend of tradition and innovation. The deck features a custom vintage design, reimagined Jokers, custom Ace of Spades bearing the silhouette of the Brooklyn bridge and standard faces to maintain familiarity for the performer and audience.

Printed by the Expert Playing Card Company on their improved Classic Finish stock, the deck feels incredibly smooth and durable. Only 700 of 1000 printed will be initially sold to keep the secrets of a select few. Early access currently available to subscribers at

Card Radar: The Brooklyn 101 Back Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 4/12/2017 Rating: 5

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