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News: Theory11's New National Playing Cards: Here’s What We Know So Far

Earlier this week, Theory11 released a few teasers of their upcoming deck, the National Playing Cards. At first glance, it doesn't appear to be a departure from the style we've come to know and love; they teased the deck with visuals that look like their previous few offerings.

The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Though Theory11 tends to project mystery, we already know a decent amount about National Playing Cards ahead of its release. Here's what we know so far about the deck:

1. Release Date

When it comes to the release date, the official word straight from Theory11 is Friday, 7th April at 11am ET.

2. Designer

Although not mention in any of the teasers thus far, the designer of the deck is Adam Moore. You can see some of Adam’s beautiful flat-style line work on his social media (@haroldapples) and dribbble account.

3. Face Cards

The deck will be fully custom. From the Aces, backs and the gorgeous courts. Here are some a few court cards Adam teased on his account last year. Note that this are early versions and final artwork may differ.

A post shared by Harold Apples (@haroldapples) on

4. Suits

Suits are fully custom. It would appear that each suit has a theme and colored accordingly. The all-seeing spades are black, the sacred hearts are red, lucky clubs are green and blue for the diamonds. From the teasers, the final version looks like it will be in the traditional red and black.

5. Tuck Box

Theory11 teased the side of the tuck and with no surprise, it features stunning gold foil on black paper with embossing. Here’s a full image of the tuck image from Adam’s instagram.

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