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Card Gear: antnO

Card Gear is our monthly feature dedicated to discovering new inventory, setup, and accessories used every day by card designers, cardists, magicians and collectors. The concept originated from the popular social media site, Instagram: #passthepockets. Whenever one of these hashtags come up on the social news feed, there's always something new to discover, no matter who that person is.

From Málaga, south of Spain, Antonio's account is one of the most creative and visually inspiring playing cards related accounts we follow on Instagram (@antnO). antnO is a team member at Art of Play and is responsible for taking photos and playing a big part in creating contents that Art of Play publish. When not working on anything card-related, antnO is a freelance who works for an advertising agency, specialized in graphic design and motion graphic.

Here's what you can find if open antnO's bag (Italics are antnO's comments):
+ Notebook & pencil (You don't know when or where you can have a good idea)
+ iPhone 6s (This is my work tool. All my pics have been taken with it)
+ Deck of cards (I have always one in my pocket. Cardistry Con is perfect for this July)
+ Wallet (You don't know when you have to bribe someone)
+ Headphones (I don't imagine the world without music)
+ Phone case with Extra battery (Due to I work a lot with my phone I need it protected and full of battery)
+ Games or puzzles (perfect for entertain yourself when you're waiting in a queue or a traffic jam)
+ Sunglasses
+ Car keys
+ Brick of playing cards (Have a brick of different cards that allow you have always the perfect deck for taking a picture)
+ MacBook Pro (Perfect tool for design and make my animations)

Don't forget to subscribe to antnO's Instagram. If you would like your card gears to be featured on Kardify, contact us.

Card Gear: antnO Reviewed by Ivan on 7/19/2017 Rating: 5

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