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Cardistry: Find Your Style with Classic Dots Playing Cards by Usagi Creative Studios

Cardistry is one of the fastest growing art-from within magic and the community is a collective of like-minded individuals, who strive to find their own distinctive style to express themselves within the community. This is obvious with the popularity of decks created specifically for cardistry, such as the Virts, Fontaines and Dealersgrip.

Usagi Creative Studios (@usagicreativestudios) headed by Julian Stiber aims to change the game by creating a platform that enables cardists and card enthusiasts to channel their creativity into a deck of playing cards that is truly unique and tailored to their style.
I came up with the idea of making the cusomter choose the colours they want, before the deck is made, essentially creating an "on-demand" card shop with my design as the base canvas for everyone to use.

With that concept in mind, the "Classic Dots" is the first release from Usagi Creative Studios. According to Julian,
The main concept behind Usagi Creative Studios is that I wanted to provide a way for cardists to get a deck of playing cards that is more personal than just a regular or even a limited release.

From the color of the deck to the trim, dots and banner of the back design, everything is customizable and the various color combination can be used.

Also, the face cards are custom designed by Usagi Creative Studios and the color of the courts ARE customizable as well. 

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This is an interesting concept and first of its kind. It really is exciting to see where the brand could go in the future! On the future, Julian said,
I'm already thinking of ways to further expand the possibilities of customization in the future, so that's really the core of the brand. Also it was important to me, that the deck is accessibly, both in price and in quantity.
The custom deck will cost 25€ and will be digitally printed on-demand by Cartamundi, hence the best quality will be ensured. Available from 28th July, 4PM (UTC+2) from Usagi Creative Studios.

Cardistry: Find Your Style with Classic Dots Playing Cards by Usagi Creative Studios Reviewed by Ivan on 7/28/2017 Rating: 5

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