First Look: Yoga Playing Cards by 9780 Design

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First Look: Yoga Playing Cards by 9780 Design

[Update] Yoga Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Launching 19th October on Kickstarter, Yoga Playing Cards is a fully custom deck inspired by the age-old practice. Meticulously designed for the card collector in mind by 9780 Design, the deck features 4 custom aces, custom joker card, vibrant color palette and hand-drawn custom court cards in different Yoga poses.

On the design, Manoj Kaushal of 9780 Design explained,
It all started with a simple thought. How would the kings and queens look if they were performing yoga? We explored this thought and what came along was this beautiful illustrations of Kings, Queens and Jacks giving us a never before seen image of court cards.

Every court was hand drawn to make sure the face orientation and hair-beard style were maintained. Manoj continued,
We never wanted to use random characters for our court cards and were very particular about the fine details that made a king a king, a queen a queen and a jack a jack in a deck of cards. Every little feature of the royals were taken care of... right from their face orientation to their hair and facial hair style.

Also, the deck features a full-bleed back with an intricate symmetrical design. The deck is housed in a clean and simple tuck. Manoj explained,
The second point of inspiration was, we wanted to create a deck that felt rejuvenating and peaceful. The simple and clean look paired with vibrant color splash gives it a feel of tranquility.

[Update] Yoga Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Yoga Playing Cards will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co. and is scheduled to launch on 19th October on Kickstarter. Pledge starts from AUD$15 (~USD$12) and there will be early bird rewards available.

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