Top12: Playing Card Decks for Halloween 2017

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Top12: Playing Card Decks for Halloween 2017

It's that time of the year! Once again, we have painstakingly compiled the best playing cards for All Hallows' Eve just for you. Behold! The Kardify Top 12: Halloween 2017 Edition! This year with enough clowns, ghosts, skulls, quirky characters, and dragon to keep your spine tingling through the night. If you have one that we haven't discovered. Do feel free to share.

Note that the selection expressed in this top 12 are solely those of the author and the list is in no particular order.

Dead Soul

Brought to you by TCC Playing Card Co., Dead Soul Playing Card is a dark macabre deck featuring 52 uniquely designed cards. Beautiful back design and custom courts! Fantastic detail, intricate design, and style to bring out your dark side.

Memento Mori Blue Edition

Inspired by Memento Mori, where imagery of a skull represents the short-lived nature of all things material and a reminder of our mortality. As such, the Memento Mori deck features a unique low-poly design skull on the tuck and the card backs. The blue color variation gives the deck a darker tone compared to the original Memento Mori by Chris Ramsay. The deck is fully custom and prominently features a unique low-poly design skull on the tuck and the card backs. The Aces, Joker and courts are very stylized and modern-looking, consistent with the low-poly theme of the deck.

Bicycle Bone Riders

A collaboration between Art of Play and Bicycle, these fun new limited edition Halloween-themed playing cards are inspired by Bicycle's classic Rider Back design, the Bone Riders feature fun illustrations of bike-riding skeletons, fanciful jack o'lantern's, flying bats, and ornate pumpkin vines entangling it all together. Each deck includes two specialty Jokers, a unique Ace of Spades and one blank-face and one double-back card. Packaged inside a festive tuck box featuring premium matte card stock with embossed typography.


Penguin Magic has teamed up with Natalia Silva to bring you this cute deck. Natalia has put her creative spin on the holiday by creating the ENTIRE deck from the ground up. Each card face has a unique piece of Halloween-themed art ranging from bats to skeletons to candy corn. The diptych Jokers combine together to form one beautiful piece of art, while the back design perfectly captures the mood of the season.

RAVN Purple Haze

A collaboration between Caroline Ravn and Stockholm17, The Ravn Purple Haze is beautiful, elegant and at the same time attractive. The deck was designed to keep the classic look. The faces are quite standard, with improvised hands and the faces of the Jacks, Queens and Kings. The jokers are intriguing and Ace of Spades is very attractive.

Grotesk Macabre

From the mind of LotrekGrotesk Macabre is a unique deck of playing cards featuring death and darkness combined with the elegance of the Baroque and Gothic style art. This deck is much darker and edgier than his previous releases. This deck combines the death theme with the heavy elegance of baroque and the pointy, flamboyant Gothic art. Lotrek wanted to create an unsettling feeling without being vulgar or gross.

Draconian Brimstone

Meticulously designed by Randy Butterfield, Draconian Brimstone is inspired by a time of legendary dragons and features beautiful dragon scales, hypnotic borderless back design, and eye-catching tuck. The tuck feature a Reddish-Orange Foil, and a Grey Pantone Ink with UV Spot Ink overlay.

Anubis and Osiris

Anubis and Osiris is a stunning set of playing cards designed by Steve Minty featuring iconic elements of Egyptian culture. The decks include intricate back designs, a beautiful set of custom court cards as well as custom spot cards, Ace of Spades and Jokers. The details across both decks are stunning and the color palettes are perfectly used on this theme. Printed on a heavy tuck stock, both decks have eye-popping gold foil accents and a subtle embossing that makes them feel as luxurious as they look.


Dystopia Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief is a disturbed tribute to cult movie Mad Max, Muscle Car Culture, the Australian Film Industry and Outback. This blood and fuel injected deck features 100% custom illustrations - a symbolic back design, a striking ace of spades, tyrannical court cards, insane jokers, and a stunning tuck box from professional letterpress studio Clove St. Press, capped with a custom shaped seal.

Bicycle Killer Clowns

Another bone-chilling custom deck of cards from Collectable Playing Cards. Killer Clowns will be one of the freakiest deck that you will ever own. Each card is bursting with color and detail featuring 12 custom court cards of the most dysfunctional clowns ever seen before dark. Oh... be sure not to stare too long or you may see them move.


This highly-anticipated deck from Ellusionist features a beautifully embossed tuck case in a deep red colorway, intricate card backs, fully custom courts and an eye-catching Ace of Diamonds, stealing the show from the customary Ace of Spades.

Odd Bods

The Odd Bods Playing Cards is a brilliant deck illustrated by Jonathan Burton. Produced by Art of Play, the Odd Bods Playing Cards feature amusing characters, quirky illustrations, and playful imagery. The deck has been hand illustrated in a beautifully nostalgic style and designed to have the look of ‘aged’ Victorian lithographs. Every image proves its own quirk and oddity, but is never ostentatious-- Odd Bods are the epitome of refined indulgence. Packaged in a gorgeous gold-foil embossed tuck box.

The selection expressed in this top12 are solely those of the author. 
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