Deck View: EMINENCE (Gold Edition) Playing Cards

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Deck View: EMINENCE (Gold Edition) Playing Cards

Traditional. Custom. Gold.

Crafted from the ground up by Vadim Smolenskiy, EMINENCE Playing Cards is a functional deck designed for everyday use. Fully custom, every inch of this deck has been researched and custom-illustrated with great attention to detail.

The cards have a very traditional look and feel to them. Each court card features an updated King, Queen and Jack with new weapons and flowers, but retains many of the original patterns. The card backs are inspired by Russian stamp design, which is carried over to the Ace of Spades, and to the front of the tuck. The white tuck feature gold foil, embossing, and beautiful interior printing.

EMINENCE Playing Cards are printed by Legends Playing Card Co. on their Diamond Finish card stock. Available now from For more cool decks, check out JP Games.

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