Kickstarter: EPHEMERID Playing Cards by Mr. Cup

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Kickstarter: EPHEMERID Playing Cards by Mr. Cup

EPHEMERID is a unique deck of playing cards currently seeking funds on Kickstarter by French designer and blogger Fabien Barral (Instagram: @iammrcup). The deck is based on Mr. Cup's collection of Ephemera over the years. According to Mr. Cup on the campaign page,
I get the idea of the EPHEMERID playing cards: each card comes with a unique design based of my thousands of hand-letters, invoices, bills, tickets, and photos!
The deck features 52 cards and 2 jokers- all fully custom and totally unique! Each suit have their own contrasting colors on the cards. Spades are black on white background, clubs are inverted with white on black background, hearts are red on white and diamonds with a white on a striking red background.
You can easily identify the cards with indices located on all four corners of the face cards. Also, each card will include a word of wisdom to inspire you every day of the year!

Staying true to the French habit of associating courts with historic or mythical personages, the King of Spades is David, Queen of Diamonds is Rachel and the Jack of Clubs is Lancelot! Mr. Cup will be designing the cards as the campaign progresses. The creative process will be shared on Instagram via image post and stories.

Two decks are available on Kickstarter. The Standard Edition with a 4-color tuck box and custom seal and the Deluxe Edition with a letterpressed tuck box adorned with stunning Black, White and Gold hot stamped foil on dark paper. Pledge starts at €10 on Kickstarter!

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