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Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Innocence Playing Cards

Now funding on Kickstarter, Innocence Playing Cards is an intriguing deck with detailed artwork by Daniel Schneider. The deck features a clean modern design with well-organized design elements that match the aesthetics of the deck. The image of the woman is prominently featured throout the deck- card backs, Ace of Spades and jokers. With the exception of the Queen of Clubs and the King of Diamond, the court cards, pips, and indices are standard.

Here are 5 things you didn't know about Innocence Playing Cards:

1. Details
Daniel love the level of detail in the Split Spades deck and always wanted to design his own enormously detailed deck of cards. The Innocence deck is the result.

2. Personal
The Innocence deck is a very personal deck. That's why - compared to the Black Roses Playing Cards - all court cards have standard faces besides the Queen of Clubs and the King of Diamonds.

3. Dots
The Innocence deck wasn't immediately created as a vector graphic. After it was vectorized, the dots weren't clean enough or too small to get printed. Almost every dot on the back and on the Ace of Spades had to be redrawn. Only the little seal sticker design was drawn with 1178 dots.

4. Seal
The hand on the seal sticker symbolizes a wolf. It's a tracing of the person's hand who has drawn the woman on the back design. It's her spirit animal.

5. Name 
The deck name was inspired by an Avril Lavigne song with the same title. The very first prototype of this deck had a quote from the song on the sides of the box. For copyright reasons, it has been removed from the final design.

Pledge starts at €10 and Innocence Playing Cards will be printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. on Classic paper stock with Air Cushion Finish.

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