Kickstarter: Voodoo Playing Cards by SpielKartenShop and DOSEprod

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Kickstarter: Voodoo Playing Cards by SpielKartenShop and DOSEprod

Voodoo Playing Cards is a collaboration between Sven Philipp of and Sam Hayles aka DOSEprod (Instagram: @DOSEprod). For those of you who are familiar with the work of visual artist Sam Hayles, you will notice that he has a thing for skulls and you will see in his design a lot of inspiration from esotericism to punk, bizarre to gothic, apocalyptic to elegant and all the bizarre things and elements from our strange world.

For this deck, he was commissioned by Spielkartenshop who asked him to design a custom deck using the Voodoo theme. On the inspiration, Sam told Kardify,
I was very excited about this theme and it was very inspiring. I remember seeing and loving the movie ‘Angel Heart’ with Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke back in 1987 which is set in New Orleans and is related to black magic and voodoo. Of course I had to dig out my old DVD and watch it again before getting started working on this project!

Sam did a lot of research online about voodoo and the symbols and designs related to that world and also the rituals and black magic and he then used the inspiration he had found in the designs.
You will find a lot of symbols hidden in the artwork and references to the world of voodoo. For example, you will find the voodoo symbol of Baron Samedi, Patron of dead and black magic on one of the cards. He is perhaps the best-known Loa of the Vodou pantheon. Baron Samedi is often portrayed as wearing a black top hat which inspired me to do the skulls wearing one in the designs of the Voodoo deck.

Sam continued,
I also used chicken feet in the designs because for those of you who are not familiar with how chicken feet are used in magic: Chicken feet are used in arts of Voodoo as a Charm for a powerful form of protection. 

Nice touch! For the cards, Sam chose to use the sepia and old paper and grungy textures because that’s the style he loves and use the most and again fitted very well with the overall theme and style of graphics...

and also very DOSEprod style!

The deck will be printed by Cartamundi on their amazing True Linen B9 Finish. Available now on Kickstarter for €11.

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