Card Flash: Ragnarok Playing Cards by Design Imperator

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Card Flash: Ragnarok Playing Cards by Design Imperator

The team at Design Imperator has just completed the fulfillment of Ragnarok Playing Cards, which was funded on Kickstarter late last year within 6 hours of the campaign launch. Congratulations to the team for a very well executed campaign!

Ragnorak is a fully custom Norse-themed deck and is the sequel to their previous release, Midgard Playing Cards. The Jormungand (Dark Blue) and the Fenris (Dark Brown) Editions features fully custom pips, indices, aces, and courts.

The card backs showcase Norse artwork inspired from original knotwork and wood carving designs, both set in a mirrored composition printed with metallic silver and copper inks.

The design elements, particularly the use of runic inscriptions utilized throughout are truly unique and very well incorporated into the theme of the deck. The meticulously hand-illustrated courts along with the darker tone of the deck highlight drama, intensity, and an epic battle.

Both tucks are beautifully embossed, hot-stamped with metal foil- silver foil on dark blue tuck for Jormungand and copper foil on dark brown on the Fenris edition. Backers will be pleasantly surprised how well these decks turned out. Printed by NPCC on linen card stock, which handles reasonable well but requires a short break-in period.

Card Flash: Ragnarok Playing Cards by Design Imperator Reviewed by Ivan on 7/24/2018 Rating: 5

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