First Look of Untitled V2 Playing Cards by Adam Borderline

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First Look of Untitled V2 Playing Cards by Adam Borderline

[Update] Pre-order now on at

Adam Borderline is set to release his second deck this year, Untitled V2 Playing Cards! The deck exposes the artists behind the art. On the surface its appearance seems somewhat similar to the popular V1's, however, on closer inspection, you'll see hidden meanings and messages within. Adam explained,
In order for me to share my art in a way that’s personal yet obtainable I wanted to create a raw deck with very few post processes. The original image as seen on the jokers is from a painting, then photographed and mirrored 4 times. Everyone sees something different which is why it’s so special

The front of the tuck leaves a blank space where the back design should be, this signifies the emptiness or rather the lack of understanding between the art and the viewer.

Inside, the mirrored back design signifies that art is a reflection of self, created from one's own perception of reality. For the face cards, the hearts 2-10 will have one pip enhanced to incorporate the back design, however, the AKQJ have been left unaltered. This signifies the untitled ones, born from nothing, with nothing. The court cards were often used to resemble royalty.

Finally, the Ace of spades has been enlarged and incorporates the back design, with a faint Untitled logo beneath it. To maintain a consistent color palette of the deck, the standard blue from USPCC has been removed, leaving just red, yellow and black.

[Update] Pre-order now on at

Untitled V2 Playing Cards will be available for pre-order on Friday, 27th July 2018 at

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