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The Seers Aspectu V2: Early Sunset Hits Funding Goal!

Currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, The Seers Aspectu V2 Playing Cards is the second deck in the Aspectu range and has hit its funding goal last week! The deck has been crafted for the cardists in mind with the aim of incorporating everything a cardists would want from a cardistry deck.

The fully custom deck comes in a contrasting pastel blue/pink colorway inspired by the evening sky. The design is not only eye-catching but aesthetically pleasing.

The back design is reminiscent of the Aspectu V1 but with more depth, for card fans and displays while maintaining a minimal style. The backs have a well structured two-way fan design which makes card flourishes stand out.

The faces cards are completely non-standard and even with a custom pip arrangement to set this deck apart from the rest. The centre fanning design works both ways bringing an extra splash of color to the front by reflecting on the back design. The Sunset vision of an Aspectu deck is by no means lost on the faces. Every element of the deck was designed with an awareness of the theme. Minimal courts and interesting pip arrangements put this deck on a different level compared to most others.

The tuck for the "Early Sunsets" features a wrap-around design and forms a display with 3 boxes. All Aspectu decks from now on will align with each other so you can mix and match your display.

Seers Aspectu V2 Playing Cards is printed by the USPCC on premium crushed stock with Air-cushion finish. Pledge starts at $10 on Kickstarter.

The Seers Aspectu V2: Early Sunset Hits Funding Goal! Reviewed by Ivan on 4/04/2020 Rating: 5

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