Final Week on Kickstarter! The Great Creator Playing Cards

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Final Week on Kickstarter! The Great Creator Playing Cards

Following the success of the Devil's in the Details playing cards, Widakk Design in collaboration with Riffle Shuffle has launched the Great Creator deck on Kickstarter.

The ancient Sumerians believed that it was the primeval sea that created heaven and earth, then came the moon and the sun. These cards embodied the two canvases that represent the universe- the land and the sky, represented by the Earth Edition and Sky Edition.

The intricate back design features symmetrical decorations of the Greek architecture surrounding the borders. At the center of the canvas lies two guardian lions for the Earth Edition. Lion is often represented as the king of the jungle. While the Sky Edition follows the same design pattern, the center guardian animal is now a majestic eagle watching over the entire deck.

The number cards follow the same classic pattern as regular number cards. The Earth suit symbols are infused with beautiful flower petals with gold borders surrounding them. While the Sky suit symbols embody the vast skies in the form of a star-shaped icon.

Every single one of the custom court cards are holding an item that helps the process of creating the world. Some court cards are holding farm animals that are essential for human survival. 

The bold Ace of Spades is guarded by two ancient guardians side by side, with the spade symbol in the center. Below the symbol is a totem of the god and goddess. The Earth edition reads the banner: “Goddess of Earth”, while the Sky edition reads “God of Heavens”.

The Jokers of the Great Creator Deck showcase the Goddess of Earth herself creating what seems to be a silhouette of a woman and the God of the Heavens creating a silhouette of a man. 

The two editions complete the picture by forming an entire globe on the tuck case. In the front of the Sky Edition tuck box, the creator is holding his hand above the globe, while the tuck back showcases the creator placing a star onto his canvas while standing in the clouds. 

The Earth Edition is also a canvas to Mother Earth herself. The front of the tuck case features the creator and her guardian lion, carefully protecting the globe with life surrounding it. The back of the tuck case is viewed with the creator nurturing the land around her.

Both tucks feature a Green/Blue and Gold hot foil stamp with precision embossing. Also, the inner tuck case is printed with sophisticated Green/blue and Gold hot foil stamp artwork. Each comes with a custom foiled number seal.

Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Luxury Paper Stock. Available NOW on Kickstarter for $12.

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