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News: Black Friday New Releases

As the dust settles from the mad rush of Black Friday, here's a quick look at the new releases by the big boys:

The Blue Crown 

Black NOC Deck - I am not a big fan of minimalist card design but this deck looks attractive in a subtle way. Very elegant, simple and very bold. The NOC tuck box yet has been rendered in pure Black & White. The Ace of Spades and Jokers carries a minimalistic design. The faces and court cards are standard.

The Conjuring Arts Research Center

Exquisite Decks - Two editions were released, the  Ultra Rare Red edition which back design is the reversal of the original 1895 artwork and printed in a deep, rich metallic red. The unique sideways tuck is foil stamped on all sides. This deck comes in a custom Pack Jacket made only for this deck and release and not for sale separately.  The second is the worker edition of this deck is made of the original back design (not reversed), printed in metallic blue and it also has a sideways tuck completely done in a beautiful blue foil. Bought this without thinking twice.

Legend v2 Deck - The very popular Legend v2 decks were sold out in less that 3 hours of release. Printed in an exclusive metallic black, only 800 were available for sale.

Bruce Lee Playing Cards - Been following the teaser that DnD posted over the past week. For me, another disappointing release by the twins. The tuck looks promising... but that was it. The backs are one way replica of Fultons Chinatown and courts + aces are... non-existent.

Ellusionist None - Surprisingly no new releases from the big E.

Black JAQK - Love the JAQKs and the strong social media marketing made this a winner. No brainer for me... grabbed a few of these babies!

Medallions Playing Cards - Teased by Theory11 just a few days before the release. Beautiful and detailed tuck with a very elegant Victorian era feel. Was a little let down but the average looking courts... but that didn't stop me from adding them to my cart.
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