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News: The Gravity Defying Playing Card Tower

This.Is.Super.Awesome! Custom decks are stunning, Card flourishes are breathtaking but this is... astonishing! Found on Instagram, Jeremy Griffith has been posting incredible pictures of Republics, Artifice and Rounders defying gravity.

The Lake Forest, Calif magician uses everyday objects such as Sharpies, coins, drinking glass, deck boxes, playing cards and balances them on each other! Mind blowing!

Jeremy said there are no glue, tape, invisible thread or seams. Everything is done using precision balance, centers of gravity and plenty of patience for trial and error. Oh... and NO Photoshop.

These photos are so visually pleasing and aesthetically elegant. I am pretty sure we'll see more of Jeremy's work on marketing material for new decks in the near future.

Source: Ellusionist Blog
News: The Gravity Defying Playing Card Tower Reviewed by Ivan on 12/02/2013 Rating: 5

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  1. That's badass. How do people think of stuff like that


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