Kickstarter: 5 Most Anticipated Playing Card Projects for 2014

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Kickstarter: 5 Most Anticipated Playing Card Projects for 2014

As impressive as 2013 was for the playing card industry, we look forward to 2014 to see what is in store for collectors, cardists and magicians across the globe. Many (including me) were caught off-guard by the the boom of crowd-funded playing cards this year, but 2014 is looking damn exciting with a few projects already being teased and announced. Here's what we know so far: 

Requiem Playing Cards Deck by Lorenzo Gaggiotti

So little is known about designer Lorenzo Gaggiotti but this mysterious and unique set of playing cards will definitely be a hit based on interests generated by our preview here on Kardify. The deck is gory and dark but beautiful in a weird way. It will not be to everyone's liking but the project will no doubt reach it's funding goal.

Click here to read the story behind Requiem.

Uusi's Fifth Deck 

We love everything Uusi! All four of their releases are masterpieces! Uusi's fifth (of six) deck will be launched on Kickstarter sometime in 2014. Without giving too much away, we can expect intense colors, an unexpected theme and a big surprise that Uusi haven't done before but are excited to add to the upcoming project. As with all their previous decks, all the artwork will be created by hand. I am really looking forward to this one!

United States Army Playing Cards Deck by Kings Wild Project

There is no stopping Jackson Robinson! In 2013, all 3 of his Kickstarter projects finished in the Top10 most funded playing card projects of all-time (2010-2013). What an achievement! Recently teased on Kings Wild site, this project will be launched on Kickstarter and will be a followup to the Federal 52 series. Not to be missed!

Clipped Wings Transformation Playing Cards by Emmanuel José

After the success of the Curator Deck, artist Emmanuel José will launch his second deck- this time on Kickstarter. Like the predeseccsor, Clipped Wings will feature the unique papercutting technique where all the elements and imagery are cut out of paper. Everything is drawn and cut by hand. The Clipped Wings deck will be dedicated to birds.

Origins Playing cards by Rick Davidson

Designer and illustrator Rick Davidson has spent many hours working on this masterpiece. Inspired by the elegance of 16th century originals, the designer aim to produce a premium quality deck merging today’s standards with yesterdays elegance. Beautiful theme, elegant tuck box, intricate back design and gorgeous court cards. I can't wait for this one!

Did we miss any? Let us know which 2014 playing cards project you are waiting for?

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  1. I'll take a brick of each! ;^)

  2. Lorenzo's "Requiem" decks go live on Kickstarter sometime in the next 24 hours!

  3. I am also cheering for the Gold Oracle, from Eric Mana

    1. Oh.. didn't know about that. When is it due to come out?


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