First Look: Requiem Playing Cards

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First Look: Requiem Playing Cards

Created by Sweden based Italian artist/designer Lorenzo Gaggiotti, this unique set of playing cards is gory and dark but beautiful in a weird way - this deck will not be to everyone's liking. Requiem is custom designed and features darkness and pain as a theme.

For example, the suits are made out of broken Hearts, Clubs with thorns, cracked Diamonds and dry leaves as Spades. The proposed deck colour will be in blood red which makes it a very strong looking deck. I believe the balancing of colours and art does evoke some sort of emotion that I cannot explain. Maybe that's the objective of the designer...

At this stage, no release date has been given as Lorenzo is still looking for an investor/backer to make this deck a reality. The Kickstarter path is another option if the former does not eventuate. Time will tell.
First Look: Requiem Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 11/25/2013 Rating: 5


  1. damn facebook jpg compression! O_O

  2. lol... more compressed photos here:

  3. wonderful cards. Lorenzo you are the best! :)

  4. Nice, Lorenzo! I can't wait to see this go "live" on


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