Revealed: Zenith - Encarded Signature Series

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Revealed: Zenith - Encarded Signature Series

I am really excited about this stunning deck! So, without a further ado, here is THE exclusive first look of Zenith- masterfully created by Paul Carpenter, designer and founder of Encarded.

Thanks to Paul, who provided us some of the most visually stunning photos we've ever seen of a playing card deck, we would like to share some of the images that were sent to us.

We asked Paul to describe Zenith and why he is passionate about it. Paul replied,

"Zenith was a very fun design challenge. As with my other decks, I really enjoy finding new ways to combine styles or existing genres but add in new thinking, and Zenith did that as well. The central circular medallion is an extremely common theme in card design, as is the solid color black artwork, but I wanted to shake those up in a very new way. In the course of designing Aurum I had stumbled across some motifs used in India of centuries past and found them quite striking, so I researched those to create my grand medallion for Zenith."

Paul Continued,
"By taking that main feature and expanding it to spread right off the card, it introduced an entirely new look and feel, creating a borderless card that did not rely on a small repeated pattern. I was really excited the first time I fanned out my prototype deck, the overall visual changing dramatically depending on the size of your fan or spread. Producing such a small run was a tough choice, but I wanted to make sure I could produce exactly what I want, not rely on Kickstarter, and give collectors a “true” collectible item, not merely a box variation or slight color tweak. "

To pre-order Zenith and for premium custom collectable playing cards visit Encarded. Also, to see more exclusives and interviews, please follow us Facebook.

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