Analytics: Cost Breakdown for a deck of Playing Cards

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Analytics: Cost Breakdown for a deck of Playing Cards

“What am I paying for a deck of playing cards?” is a question on everyone’s minds and often posed by regular members and visitors to popular playing card forums. With the recent funding of Aquila playing cards, we are able to share the break down of the cost of the Limited Edition Aquila.

The components for Aquila LE are calculated in $ per unit and then converted into a percentage:

Base – the price of 56 poker size cards printed on Legends imported paper stock with Legend's famous diamond coating.

Embossing – tuck embossing and about cost.

Transportation – weighted average price of delivery cost to the fulfilment centre.

Plates – Charge for the face and back plates. 

Tooling Die Cut – Cutting and shaping.

Gold Foil – 1 color foil on the tuck box.

Seal –  Holo and standard seals.

It should be noted that the base component can vary widely, depending on the stock and the quantity of specialty paper ordered.  Specialty paper is expensive and hard to come by in low quantities. Also due to our choice of colour printing, additional charges were attached to the plates component.  Do note that not all playing card decks are the same and each is unique in its own way with a combination of various components, but they generally cover these cost listed above.

Pre-Orders for Aquila Standard, Limited Edition, Box Sets and Un Cut Sheets will be closed on Sept. 26th. Don't miss out!
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