Kickstarter: Choice Playing Cards Relaunch

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Kickstarter: Choice Playing Cards Relaunch

[Updated] The Choice Playing Cards is now LIVE on Kickstarter.

Ben Kolozsi launched the Choice Playing Cards late last year, and unfortunately, this uniquely illustrated deck of cards did not reach its funding goal. Ben has been busy fine-tuning the deck and project over the past few months, and WILL be relaunching on 26th September, 12:01 EST.

We asked Ben what is the inspiration behind the Choice Playing Cards,

The core to Choice Playing Cards is about delivering 52+ pieces of art in a way that insist that you use them and not sit them on your shelf. I want you to take out your standard cards and compare them with the Choice Deck and be able to identify my inspiration for each design. I also wanted to give a nod to all the decks and history behind cards. At their beginning playing cards were made by hand, meaning only the privileged could afford them. I want to hand you a deck with just this in mind. Giving you the missing link between modern and historic. I often find the older more decorative the deck (anything for that matter), the less I will actually use it. I feel I am not alone on this thought and with that, the designs took on a simple form and feel, to give it that edge towards the table and into the game.

For the relaunch,  Choice Playing Cards will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company with the same stock and finish as the popular NOC v3's. There will be stretched goals and add-ons available such as Jamie D. Grant's "Anything is Possible" bottle and Ryan Edward's perfectly hand-crafted card clips.

Don't miss out!

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