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Collections: Prohibition - Rebellion Rum by Ellusionist

Rebellion Rum was the deck that got my attention when the series was first announced by Ellusionist, and I’m happy to say, it’s by far my favorite deck in the series now that it’s been released.  The deck does a great job of not only capturing a Caribbean vibe with some of its elements, but also sparks imagery of a “Pirates life for me” feel when you fan through the deck.

The tuck is the best of the series in my opinion, a deep rustic red base color with a perfectly balanced use of gold foil on most of the standout verbiage on the front of the tuck case. It also features some nice embossing in all the right places. The subtle palm trees pictured in the background and the alcoholic information make this tuck really look like a marketing piece for Rebellion Rum. The decks back design is represented on the back of the tuck; it’s a well-balanced floral pattern, using some really nice complimentary colors that tie the entire tuck and theme together nicely. Paying attention to some small details, the addition of a nice sail ship inspired seal and detailed map design on the interior of the tuck finish the package off beautifully.

The cards themselves feature pretty standard pips on the spot cards, but the deck is a very light “Sea Foam Green” with some very subtle and light speckling on the background. The two “Jokers”, once again, not designated as such in any way, but I would assume that’s the category they would fit, are inspired by the high seas, with one featuring a silhouette of a large ship with bellowing sales and the other showing some “Knot Basics”. The deck also includes an add card for the Prohibition set, found in all the decks as is the additional recipe card. The custom Ace of Spades is a great center piece to this deck, again using the earthy greens and yellows from the back design to frame a Macaw in a floral pattern in the shape of a Spade. The “Rebellion Rum” logo slightly covering the birds outstretched tail feathers. 

The court cards work really well with the Pirate theme; they are mirrored and continue the “Sketched” look that we’ve seen in the other decks in this series.  Each court depicts a pirate arch type and some subtle colors added to the accent pieces of wardrobe give the courts a little depth. If you looked at this as a period piece in terms of its design and concept, the courts fit the bill. I know many will find it easy to criticize the court design and this day and age I can understand and see why, but I urge you to look at this deck as a whole, because I think that’s where it shows its overall presentation the best.     

Ellusionist has released only 2 of the six Prohibition decks as stand-alone decks as of yet. Both of those were a bit watered down from the decks that are available in the set, I’m hoping that if and when they release Rebellion Rum they don’t change a thing. I wouldn’t put Rebellion Rum on my “Must Have” list, but I would urge you to take a closer look at it if you haven’t. 

Next week we wrap up the Prohibition set with the Absinthe Deck


Rebellion Run

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