Collections: Sons of Liberty by Dan & Dave

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Collections: Sons of Liberty by Dan & Dave

In the early summer of 1765 a group of shopkeepers and artisans known as The Loyal Nine, started preparing to oppose the Stamp Act. The Loyal Nine continued to grow in size and became known as the Sons of Liberty.

The Sons of Liberty playing cards by Dan & Dave are inspired by rich history, the look and feel as well as the historical story behind the Sons of Liberty come together very nicely in this deck. The deck features some really nice touches and elements that make it worth a second look.

The tuck is a matte black stock featuring bronze and black foiling. The script on the front fits the theme really well and just pops off the tuck with a subtle but eye catching black foiling design creating a frame around the text. The text is also embossed and gives the tuck a nice look and feel when in your hands. The side panels keep to the theme with images of bronze foiled banners stretching the length of the tuck, one banner reading “The D&D Playing Card Co.” while the other features the deck designer information, “Designed by Jeff Trish”. The flap is covered in Foil stars and along the edge reads “Liberty or Death”. The card back design is featured on the back of the tuck, once again in bronze foil and the package is held closed with a worn looking seal featuring a sketched image of a skull with the word “Void” on his forehead.

The back design features some great elements referring to the secret society that was The Sons of Liberty. Two mirrored Free Mason symbols are the center piece of the design, dead center are the letters “S” and “L” in script and intertwined in a two way fashion. Surrounding the initials are two Eagles clutching bayonets that complete the Free Mason symbol. Opposite corners feature two banners, one reading “Obedience to God” and the other “To Tyrant Rebellion” if I’m not mistaken……eyes are getting old. The rest of the design has some key elements that refer to other well know “Secrets” all built in and around the Free Mason symbol. We’ll leave those for you to discover on your own. The rest of the back design has an etched look to it, subtle enough as to not look too busy or confusing, but balancing out the overall design and look. I really like the back; it was well thought out and fits the concept spot on.

Sons of Liberty also features a custom Ace of Spades designed around the image of the Liberty Tree, two custom Jokers and completely custom courts. The Jokers are images of Stocks, one in black and one in the “Burnt” Red being used in the Red suites. The Court Cards depict various historical figures involved with the Sons of Liberty. Presented in a mirror fashion the courts continue the etched look, with wardrobes and elements bringing the two inverted images together nicely. The court cards also feature very subtle background scenes done in a gold metallic ink that really completes not only the look, but the theme of the deck
The pips have just enough customization to stand out as original, but not so much that they feel out of place. The white space on the spot cards also have a bit of random “Etching” to keep the look of the deck nicely tied together.

Sons of Liberty is a really nice offering from the Buck Twins, the theme was well thought out, beautifully designed by Jeff Tish and presented in an eye catching package. Add to that the slightly under $10.00 price tag and it should please a variety of playing card aficionado’s , history buffs would love this deck, definitely worth picking up.

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Collections: Sons of Liberty by Dan & Dave Reviewed by highlite23 on 11/26/2015 Rating: 5

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