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Collections: Omnia by Thirdway Industries

Omnia by Giovanni Meroni and Thirdway Industries offers an eye catching package with a modern vision of traditional playing cards.

Omnia was the second project by Giovanni, and was offered in 3 versions. The Illumina (White), Oscura (Black) and the limited Suprema, which features a print run of just over 500 decks. All 3 decks feature matte tucks on a heavier card stock, each feature a unique and beautifully ornate front design, while the backs represent the design used on the card backs. The Illumina and Oscura decks are foiled in gold with a nice subtle embossing. The Suprema also features the embossing, but has a bright bold red foil that just pops off the dark tuck.

The thing I like most about these decks is the detail, I know it seems to be a running theme, but presenting details in a well thought out fashion is no small task and, for the most part, takes time and effort to other words, the decks aren't just slapped together. Those details continue to show on the tucks by the foiled interior design as well as the nice design elements on the tuck flap, no area of the tuck was left untouched.

The deck itself continues to show great detail in it's design, Givanni's style is evident and there is a great transition in offering a "Classic" look with the courts, but with a modern lines and design elements. It's really well balanced and keeps the familiarity of a traditional deck intact. The deck itself also featured metallic inks that just adds that nice depth to the design.

The spot cards have a smaller pip design which carries to the indices and also feature a subtle watermark on each card. The courts keep with the classic look but with modern lines and faces. Each deck features its own unique court design, they are subtle variations, but different non the less. The custom Ace of Spades features a smaller Spade surrounded by a spherical design element that carries through the deck and it's universe. Part of the element featured on the Ace of Spade is what's carried over as the watermark throughout the deck. The two custom Jokers have a great design that pulls it's look from the classics, but again, presents itself in modern line work. Both the Illumina and Oscura deck include a Bonus "Regina", which means Queen. Unlike the ladies we know and love, these two are Suicide Queens, each with it's own color pallet as well as unique wardrobe design. The Suprema deck received a Bonus Joker featuring a King and Queen and I have to say, it's a very striking image.

Omnia works in so many ways, in the most basic sense its a traditional deck that's familiar and functional. Giovanni's vision and skill gives the decks strong modern design and in a sharp presentation. While each deck isn't completely different from the other, the subtle differences are there and make each one stand out on it's own. There are plenty of "Custom" decks that come to the community, Omnia delivers a nice set full of the bells and whistles we love and while they are abundant in this project, they come off really well balanced in it's look and feel. The Suprema may put a strain on your wallet, if you can find one, but I would recommend adding Omnia to your collection, it really is a beautiful offering. 

If you like the Omnia decks, you'll be happy to know that that next chapter in the series is currently Live on Kickstarter. The Golden Age brings 3 new decks to the series, Antica, Perduta and the Limited Magnifica. The project launched yesterday and has already reached its funding goal. So if you don't want to miss out on the next chapter, head on over and toss in your pledge for what's sure to be another beautiful offering from Giovanni Meroni and Thirdway Industries. 

You can follow Giovanni and Thirdway Industries on Facebook as well as visit the Thirdway Industries Shop for any of there past and future products. 

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