Collections: Union by Theory 11

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Collections: Union by Theory 11

Union from Theory 11 continues the winning formula that the company seems to have adapted over the last year. While not all the decks may appeal to you, there is no denying Theory 11 has a nice selection of functional eye candy for everyone as of late.

As a theme Union oozes American in every way, the design features elements and icons all harking to a patriotic time and place. Presented on a heavy stock tuck with a beautiful Bronze foiling and embossing give the deck a really nice impression at first glance. Designed by Jay Fletcher, Union does a wonderful job of bringing a very historic feel to the concept.

The deck itself handles as you would expect from Theory 11, made in the USA using FSC-certified paper, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates. The color palette of the deck is a nice vibrant, yet a bit muted scheme, but it lends itself well to the concept and period it's representing. The spot cards Red suites have been replaced by a nice calming orange throughout the deck, while the dark suits retain their classic black coloring.

The court cards look fantastic in the color scheme of the deck along with a very theme appropriate design, very Americana, yet keeping the classic concept of court cards intact. Each unique court card does a nice job of depicting characters fitting the time period as well as bringing the design together with the wardrobe and elements you would normally see on a mirrored court card. The Ace of Spades features a Eagle with outstretched wings and the top of the spade being composed of the Ole' Stars and Stripes. The deck also features two Jokers featuring a Turkey design that just keeps the "Home made Apple Pie" feel constant in this presentation.

The back design is perfectly fitting for this deck, a two way back featuring an eagle in flight along with very familiar patriotic symbolism. Very iconic line work and framing bring the design together really well and the muted Gold tone just lends to the look and feel of the concept. Overall Union is a fun, well conceived deck with beautiful element and line work. The Americana feel is just amazing and I can see this deck being a great gift for any History buffs in your life. It's no mystery I'm a big fan of Theory 11, but with the wide variety and the perfect use of the "Bling" factor on there decks, not to mention, an affordable price tag, it's hard to go wrong with Union or any other Theory 11 deck now a days. Head on over to Theory 11 and pick up a few and while your there, check out the Ironside Edition :)

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