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Deck View: Joker and the Thief Playing Cards

Intricate. Elegant. Beautiful.

The Joker and the Thief playing cards is an impressive deck! After years of reviewing playing cards, the talented guys from Joker and the Thief have decided to create their own deck of cards. The need for the Joker and the Thief playing cards came from years of observing and handling hundreds of custom decks.

James Milaras and Reuben Nutt believe that a certain balance needs to be achieved in order to create a great deck. The design invites attention while striking a balance between style and functionality.

The back design is not only intricately beautiful but aesthetically and sentimentally appealing. The themes and connotation from back design continue throughout, you may even start to see a story forming as you look through them. The Ace of Spades is unique, bold and iconic of this design. The court cards are all fully custom. The tuck is peppered with lavish touches, and adorned with eye-catching silver foil, on a matte finished paper. It is embossed on all sides and has a foil stamped interior.

Joker and the Thief Playing Cards was produced on Expert Playing Card Co’s Master Finish. Don't forget to check out the Joker and the Thief website! Also, for more cool playing cards, check out JP Games.

Deck View: Joker and the Thief Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 1/10/2016 Rating: 5

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