Card Radar: Cards of Legend

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Card Radar: Cards of Legend

Cards of Legend were inspired by the Iconic video game from Nintendo, Legend of Zelda. If your a gamer it's simple to suggest picking up this deck because of the concept, but Cards of Legend are a bit more than that.

Produced by Fangamer and designed by Nelde, Cards of Legend stand out because they do a great job keeping the deck within the "Rules" of a standard poker deck. Of course the deck is 100% customized from a standard deck, but it translates very well. From the "New" pip design to familiar characters from the Zelda universe being featured on the court cards which are presented in a more traditional "mirror" layout.

To bring Cards of Legend firmly into a quality product, they were printed at The United States Playing Card Co. on Bicycle card stock and also include a custom tuck box with a beautiful deck seal. Cards of Legend are available in 3 colors, the "Standard" Blue and Red and a more eye catching Metallic Gold.

The two way back design can hold it's own against any poker deck out there with a geometric design that lends itself well as a poker deck as well as keeping true to the concept and inspiration of the deck. Each deck comes complete with 52 cards, 2 Jokers and 2 Bonus cards designed in true Zelda inspired goodness.

Cards of Legend are available at, single decks are $14.00 USD for the Blue and Red versions, while the Metallic Gold fetches $17.00 USD. They also offer a 3 Pack featuring one of each deck for $36.00 to save you a bit of coin. Not for everyone, but it's a fun, unique deck that also offers quality and presents itself as a Poker Deck rather than a "Marketing" deck. If your any kind of gamer, this is too cool to pass up.

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