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Cardistry: Learn Cardestroy with Shivraj Morzaria

This is a follow-up to our article on Cardestroy, a mesmerizing sub-genre of Cardistry popularize by Shivraj Morzaria. The basic idea behind Cardestroy is based on an arrangement done on a flat surface, hands or anywhere possible and put in motion.

Here are TWO Cardestroy tutorial from the man himself, originally published on his Instagram account (@shivraj_morzaria). Published with permission from Shivraj.

|| Pie Tutorial || You will need: A cutter and a card and guts to destroy the card 😜 Instructions:- Step 1: Fold a card in half horizontally and then unfold it. Step 2: Cut the card diagonally from both the sides leaving the borders un-cut or leaving very less portion of the card uncut in case of borderless cards. Step 3: Hold the card gripping from ends of the triangular shaped cutout as follows. Step 4: Pull the ends diagonally to the opposite sides as follows and it will give a really interesting formation. Step 5: Reverse 'Step 4' and you can get back to the initial position looking like a card. That's it! A small contribution to the supporters 😊 Shoot questions below (if any)!⬇ Also you can download it, other tutorials and videos in HD from website, link in my bio! Follow @cardestroy for more! Song: Resistance by @atticbeats
A video posted by shivraj morzaria (@shivraj_morzaria) on

||Sponge Pop Tutorial|| Instructions:- Step 1: Fold a card in half and then unfold it making a right angle. (Fold angle roughly 90°) Step 2: Repeat the process five more times. Step 3: Arrange the six folds on any flat surface as shown above. Step 4: Place your hands on both the sides of the arrangement, resting on the flat surface and slowly start pushing the arrangement from both the sides using the sides of your index fingers and the compression will lead the move to pop into two cubes like arrangement. Step 5: Simply take your hands off and the two cubes will stand steady. That's it! Just a small contribution to the supporters, one of my favourite cardestroy move of all time, enjoy! 😊 Shoot questions below (if any)!⬇ #cardestroy #exploringmechanics #cardistry #cardporn #Diy #ctutorial
A video posted by shivraj morzaria (@shivraj_morzaria) on
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