News: 5 Things You Need To Know About the Relaunch of DYSTOPIA Playing Cards

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News: 5 Things You Need To Know About the Relaunch of DYSTOPIA Playing Cards

[Update] DYSTOPIA Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

On Friday, January 13, the team at Joker and the Thief is relaunching DYSTOPIA Playing Cards on Kickstarter. The original campaign was canceled and James Milaras, founder of Joker and the Thief has reworked the campaign. Here is a list of 5 things that you need to know for the relaunch of DYSTOPIA.

1. Dystopia will no longer be printed by Expert Playing Card Company. Instead, Joker and the Thief has moved production to the United States Playing Card Company. Printed under supervision of Dan and Dave Industries on their signature “thin stock” and finish, Dystopia is expected to handle brilliantly and be the best handling deck in our range.

2. During the relaunch campaign for Dystopia, the funding goal will be dramatically less than that of the previous campaign. With a far more achievable goal, Joker and the Thief is expected to fund quickly with the help of its valued backers.

3. Fulfilment. Switching from Art of Play to means that overall shipping costs within the USA are far lower than all of Joker and the Thief’s previous campaigns. International rates on multiple decks are far fairer than previous campaigns, with backers from the European Union further having a slightly discounted rate.

4. Luxury Tuck Box. Joker and the Thief has turned to professional letterpress studio Clove St. Press to create the tuck box for Dystopia Playing Cards. If you are unfamiliar with Clove St. Press, they create all the tuck boxes for Art of Play and Dan and Dave Industries. The same manufacturing methods are used by Theory11 and Ellusionist. With specialized machinery, Clove St. will be able to use luxurious, imported dyed paper, and apply rich foiling and deep, prominent embossing to Dystopia’s tucks. Capped with a custom shaped seal, it’s bound to be a stand out in your collection. For quality control, Art of Play will be assembling and inspecting the final product.

5. On launch day, Joker and the Thief will make available limited Early Bird Specials… at USD$10 per deck. Plus for those of you who live in the USA, these specials are shipped to you for FREE.

[Update] DYSTOPIA Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Will you survive? DYSTOPIA will launch on Kickstarter Friday, 13 January 6PM PST.
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