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Kickstarter: Culminus Playing Cards by Nicolai Aaroe

Inspired by the eschatological literature of the postexilic period, Culminus form the third and final volume in the Light versus Darkness series of deluxe, dark art poker playing cards.

Meticulously designed by Nicolai Aaroe, Culminus aims to represent ultimate evil and ultimate good with two gorgeous standalone deck designs, Infernum and Infiniti, where infernal devils are seeking to wreak havoc to neutral men, and ethereal guardians are trying to stop them. In its essence, Culminus symbolizes the moral compass and ethical dilemmas that all monarchs have faced in history and time as saints and sinners.

Both decks feature a matte tuck cases designed with both exterior and interior gold foil and embossed artwork. Black-brown stock for the Infernum and Ivory matte stock for Infiniti.

Fully custom, the distinctive pips are unique, each court is hand-drawn in collaboration with award-winning illustrator Patrick Leis and ornamentation has been added on the indices. Also, the card back adorned with Metallic ink with gold pigment.

The Infernum deck has black cards matching the Dominus Obscura deck for consistency, while the Infiniti deck has a clean, white design to match its predecessor, the Dominus Divinus deck. Both decks will be printed by NPCC. Available now from Kickstarter. Pledge starts from DKK$89 (~USD$13).
Kickstarter: Culminus Playing Cards by Nicolai Aaroe Reviewed by Ivan on 6/21/2017 Rating: 5

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