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News: Magician Chris Ramsay Speaks Out About the Blue Memento Mori

Magician Chris Ramsay has opened up about the new color variant of Memento Mori by Murphy's Magic. Last year, the original deck was released under his name and was inspired by Memento Mori, where imagery of a skull represents the short-lived nature of all things material and a reminder of our mortality. The Memento Mori deck features a unique low-poly design skull on the tuck and card backs.

Last week, an image surfaced on social media showing a blue colored low-poly skull of the Memento Mori deck. Chris' initial reaction on twitter was,

In the last few days, Chris has retweeted several memes by his followers to describe his feelings towards the blue Memento Mori deck.

To set the record straight, Chris has released a video on his popular YouTube channel. At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 41k times. He began by giving a back story to the original Memento Mori Playing Cards and the hard work he and the designer have put into the deck,

"I put a lot into this deck," he said.

Chris then talks about color variants of various decks like the Monarchs and Rounders.

"The deck I created for Murphy's and myself was not the purple edition, it was a multitude of different colors put together to create this beautiful design. If I had made a red Memento Mori deck, by all means, make a blue one or a green one."

He then continues talking about the trailer, originality or creativity of the color variant, and thanking his fans and followers for their support. It is clear that Chris doesn't want any conflict arising from this and just wants to move on.

Chris ended the video by announcing his new deck which will be available shortly. Check out the full video here:

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