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Card Flash: Blue Memento Mori Playing Cards by Murphy's Magic

Released by Murphys Magic, the Blue Memento Mori Playing Cards is a hauntingly beautiful deck that represents the short-lived nature of all things material and a reminder of our mortality. This color variation is based on Chris Ramsay's Memento Mori deck and it created a controversial buzz within the community when it was first teased on social media.

Like the original, the Blue Memento Mori is fully custom and prominently features a unique low-poly design skull on the tuck and the card backs. The Aces, Joker and courts are very stylized and modern-looking, consistent with the low-poly theme of the deck.

There are a number of things to like about this deck, firstly the blue hues are truly contemporary. The unique design combined with the blue hue enhances card flourishes making fans, spreads and cascades look really good. However, the only issue we have with this deck is the color of the suits and pips. They all have similar shades and colors. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous deck and it handles incredibly well!

The blue color variation gives the deck a darker tone compared to the original Memento Mori. If you are looking for a modern, bold and simplistic deck of playing cards for your performance, this one will definitely help you to make a statement. Available now on or at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer.

Card Flash: Blue Memento Mori Playing Cards by Murphy's Magic Reviewed by Ivan on 8/01/2017 Rating: 5

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