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Magic: Jeremy Hanrahan's Hofzinser Poker is Back!

Subtle. Visual. Powerful. The Hofzinser card is a diabolical gaff from the 19th century (first utilized by Johann Hofzinser) that allows you to conjure an extra layer of deception to your performance. Imagine being able to change a card’s value with little to no sleight-of-hand. Now imagine being able to change 5 cards instantly with no sleight-of-hand.

This is possible with Jeremy Hanrahan's Hofzinser Poker.

Effect: You explain that card cheats have altered playing cards so they can actually see through the back of a playing card. Five cards are held up to a light one at a time to prove that you can actually see through the back of a playing card under certain lighting conditions. At the end of this display, you ask the spectator if they would bet on that particular hand with it being filled with such low-value cards? They, of course, will say no. You then turn the cards over to reveal a royal flush. No sleight-of-hand required. Instant reset.

What you get: Comes with 5 custom Hofzinser cards matched in a set. See why this effect sold out at Magi Fest and Blackpool. Comes with in depth pdf instruction. You will be able to perform this amazing effect right after reading the detailed pdf.

What we think: Endless possibilities and very deceiving. These are made from standard bicycle decks. With that, can be incorporated into any routine if needed and can lay dormant for others. They don't look out of place.

Who should buy: If you are looking for something mysterious, deceptive and astonishing for your routine, this one is for you.

Each set of Hofzinser Poker cards is crafted and assembled individually. As such, Jeremy's website will only carry 25 units at a time. According to Jeremy,
After careful consideration, I have decided to offer Hofzinser Poker again in small batches. The initial launch was overwhelming and I learned a lot about my brand and how I wanted it to be seen by my customers. I plan on only releasing small batches at a time.
Available for $29.95. If you are interested in purchasing, head to We are told stocks ARE limited.
Magic: Jeremy Hanrahan's Hofzinser Poker is Back! Reviewed by Ivan on 8/07/2017 Rating: 5

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