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Cardistry: Jaspas Deck (Primeval Edition) Playing Cards To Launch In Singapore This Weekend!

New Deck Order announced that Jaspas Deck Primeval Edition Playing Cards will be available in Singapore this weekend. We are told that the Primeval Edition's international launch will be on 2nd September. For those of you who do not know, the Primeval Edition will be the second edition of the popular Jaspas Deck. Jaspas told Kardify,
When I designed the first edition of the Jaspas Deck, it was because I felt that playing cards were lacking in the department of adventurous, bold and fun colors. Matching contrasting bold colors like the ones I did is a difficult task of balancing brilliance and "eye torture". I had to go through multiple iterations and countless prototypes. It turned out to be my favorite deck of playing cards ever made.

Designing the Jaspas Deck Primeval Edition was an incredibly difficult task. Jaspas wanted to stay true to the intentions of the original design and create a color scheme that would make people want to handle the cards for themselves. It had to be fresh and exciting, without resorting to a simple hue/saturation change.
This led me down a path of countless different color combinations before I finally settled on the pastel pink and Tiffany blue you see today. The calm and soothing colors feel inviting to the eyes and are a timeless pairing of modern color combinations. To further improve the card lover's experience, I also went through numerous trials and errors with different paper types. I wanted to avoid the standard USPCC paper stock and also provide a new feel for the ones familiar with the first edition of the Jaspas Decks. This took a number of tries to get right.

For the Jaspas Deck Primeval Edition, 12 stocks and finishes were tested before deciding on the paper used on the deck.
The deck feels awesome right out of the box, handles powder well and breaks in like a dream.
The New Deck Order's first live event for the new Jaspas Decks will be happening on the 26 of August in Singapore. The International launch will be on 2 September. The Jaspas Deck Primeval Editions are limited edition with only 1037 decks printed for sale. They will cost USD$18 and will be available on
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