Card Radar: Student Playing Card Projects

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Card Radar: Student Playing Card Projects

Natalie Houston, of South Africa, designed a deck concept called Leaders of the World, which was posted as a student project on her profile. The deck is extremely illustrative and I bet would hold its own against any commercial deck or Kickstarter project.

Leaders of the world Playing cards


A unique student project based on playing cards with no suits.This design was created by Griffin Van Dyke from the University of Iowa.

To see more click on the image or following link: Playing Cards with no suits

Unique Numbering System Playing Cards


Here are three Typographic Playing Card Design projects posted on that look to be part of a school project at Savannah College of Art and Design. However, I'd bet that they would all make great commercial project if they were pursued.

The first design is done by a designer named Madison Myers. Instead of having this deck printed and cut by a printer (expensive!), these cards were all hand cut.

Typography Playing cards

The second typographic playing card design was posted by a designer by the name of Sara Wasserboehr. This deck was inspired by the TV show called Supernatural and is called Caslon Pro Playing Cards.

Typography Playing cards2

The third project, Baskerville Playing Cards, was created by Vanessa Brown using the Baskerville Font.

Typography Playing cards3

Click on the images to see the rest of the designs in their individual projects.

Interestingly enough, there will be a project posted on Kickstarter in the coming weeks with a design based on typography as well by UnCommon Beat (Creators of the Urban Punk deck). The deck is called The Black Book of Cards.

Here is a teaser of the deck. Notice the typographical work.

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