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Revealed: Federal 52 Playing Cards Part 2 Coming In June +Teaser

Federal 52 is the wildly successful Kickstarter project from LA-Based Artist, Jackson Robinson, that features magnificent artwork inspired by US currency and bank notes. Funded within the first 24 hours of going live on in March, the Federal 52 project raised a total of $149,156 from 2,798 backers (me included). During the entire project. which was live until April 22 when it was officially awarded the funds, Jackson kept the backer community on our feet with new add-on rewards and bonuses every step of the way. He even released a second Gold Certificate Deck as a special add-on. During the project, Jackson talked about ideas for a Silver Certificate Deck and Reserve Note Deck as add-ons or as a potential new project separate from the original Federal 52. However, it was eventually decided that the decks would be issued in a separate project after the current project.

Well, get ready folks! Jackson clearly did not waste much time dropping teasers of the second Federal 52 Kickstarter project. Today, Jackson released an update that simply said "Coming in June..." with the image that is posted below of the Silver Certificate and Reserve Note backs.

He also updated the community about the face card design for both decks in the comments of this teaser...
The Silver Certificate's face cards will match the Gold Cert and Federal 52 to keep in line with the set. However I'm planning on some cool stuff with the Reserve Note Deck. There are a few Presidents and portraits that I have been saving to switch things up.

After the success of the last project, I think it is safe to say this deck will have no trouble getting backed. I will be covering this project here on Tuck Case and will even post a review once the decks are received from both projects.

Check out the previous Federal 52 Kickstarter Here.

Also, Checkout Jackson Robinson's Kings Wild Project.

UPDATE (5/14/2013): Here is a new photo for the Silver Certificate Playing Cards posted by Jackson Robinson on Kickstarter.

Revealed: Federal 52 Playing Cards Part 2 Coming In June +Teaser Reviewed by Ivan on 5/09/2013 Rating: 5

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