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Kickstarter: ROYAL OPTIK Playing Card Project Reaches Goal Within Hours After Launch

ROYAL OPTIK Playing Cards

ROYAL OPTIK Playing Card project on launched on 5/16/13 and reached the funding goal of $9,000 on 5/16/13. In only a few hours, the ROYAL OPTIK Playing Cards project went from $0 to over $10,000. Funding will last until June 17th, so pledge today to get your hands on this hot deck. The project is scheduled to ship to backers in September 2013.

For those familiar with the playing card industry, this should not come as a surprise. The deck comes from Uusi, a design company known for creating beautiful works of art. Uusi is not new to the playing card industry. They previously had their Blue Blood playing cards and Bohemia playing cards backed on Kickstarter. Before launch, the deck was featured and hyped on other playing card blogs and forums as an upcoming Kickstarter project as well.

This is the third deck in a series of six decks planned by the company. The first two being the Blue Blood and Bohemia decks. Click here to read more about the project on their Kickstarter, where you will find everything from the inspiration behind the deck to other items available with the release.

Here is a picture of the Suicide King, courtesy of their Kickstarter:

I am a backer of this project.
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