Kickstarter: Winter Deck Planned For Early August Launch

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Kickstarter: Winter Deck Planned For Early August Launch

First brought to the attention of the playing card industry in March of 2013 on The Discourse Forum, the Winter Deck has been announced by project creators that it will be launching on in early August. The coming launch was officially announced on the Winter Deck's brand new Facebook page as well as on The Discourse Forum today 7/16. The deck was designed from December 2013 to February 2013. If funded the playing card deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

The deck, which is designed by artist Alex Nick, has a theme that revolves around the beauty and darkness of northern winter and centers in on the main character - Her Majesty, Ice Queen. As posted on the deck's Facebook page, here is the complete story behind the deck's theme:
Winter is cold, dark and dangerous in the places where we live. But there is a strange beauty in this danger. Beauty of a hunting predator, deadly but amazing. From the North and from cold and windy Russia, comes the Winter Deck.

Winter Deck is a custom [and] highly-creative deck of playing cards designed by our team. Inspired by freezing tribal images of northern winter, this artwork is called to show you all of its mystic and dangerous beauty.

Every royal card here is a character. Fully detailed, they are not faceless "Clubs King"s or "Hearts Queen"s, they have their own face, thoughts, feelings and history. Their own mind. The inner sense of the characters is described in their totem animals so you can look at their souls unleashed!

But there is one more person in our story. She, who reigns everything when its her time. The one, who can kill or mercy with an only motion. Her Majesty, Ice Queen. Winter. As the main character, she appears on every image of the deck. She touches our heroes, holds them, leads and punishes. Rules them. 

It is not known at this time whether or not the Winter deck will feature the Bicycle name. However, we have been given a look at the pre-launch card design, which show the court cards featuring two different faces, courtesy of the project's Facebook page (Please note these may not be the final designs):

Follow the Winter Deck on Facebook for news and updates of the launch and card design.

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