News: Conjuring Arts Research Center Launches The Expert PlayingCard Co.; Debuts Global Titans

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News: Conjuring Arts Research Center Launches The Expert PlayingCard Co.; Debuts Global Titans

Conjuring Arts Research Center has been posting a few teasers on their Facebook page this week regarding a huge summer release to take place today 7/10/13. The release does not just deal with a playing card deck but in fact, it deals with the debut launch of a playing card company that focuses on high quality playing card printing and manufacturing. While the company does not have a dedicated factory, they are in the business of contracting printing projects to factories with the capabilities that they are looking for. It is not clear whether or not they will involve USPCC in any of the decks or if they created this entity to seek out new and better options.

The trademark for The Expert Playing Card Co. was filed on 3/21/2013 and finally approved on 7/2/2013.

The deck being teased is the debut deck of The Expert Playing Card Co. called Global Titans.

Here is the release notes from Conjuring Arts Research Center's website:
The Expert Playing Card Company, LLC is a new Conjuring Arts project formed especially to produce the finest performing playing cards worldwide.
We are very fortunate here at Conjuring Arts to have access to some of the finest card handlers and experts in the world and have ceasely asked, prodded and cajoled their opinions so that we might be better informed on how to produce great playing cards.

The goal of The Expert Playing Card Co. is to find factories worldwide that can produce the very best playing cards possible and to contract with them for custom cards meant to actually be used by the experts in sleight of hand and cardistry.

Keep an eye on EPCC for great innovations now and in the future.

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  1. It looks like from the wording they are avoiding UPSCC for most decks, i'm guessing they may be using the same factory as Lawrence Sullivan did for the Legends deck at some point too. Interesting news.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the post about our new project. Just to clarify things, The Expert Playing Card Co. was formed to explore all options in manufacturing playing cards for experts. In no way is this anything negative at all against our friends at USPCC. As most know Conjuring Arts has produced many decks with USPCC and intend to produce more in the future. We are just widening our horizons and hopefully we can continue to create what we feel are the best handling cards in the world.
    We expect The Expert Playing Card Co. (EPCC) to produce cards in multiple places including Erlanger, KY in the future.
    And to clarify the factory. This is a different factory than the Legends were produced in. We will be producing our next deck at that factory in Taipei but this one was produced in a factory in Shanghai.

    Conjuring Arts

  3. Thanks for visiting and clarifying the project details with the community! It is definitely exciting to see CARC releasing new decks under a new entity utilizing different factories for production. It will be very interesting to check out new decks as they come out! Thanks again!

  4. […] this summer since they launched.  The first release was their first playing card release called Global Titans.  With both releases, the playing card industry is starting to get a taste for what is in store […]


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