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News: Bicycle Lefty Deck Now Available at House of Playing Cards

From House Of Playing Cards (6/17/2013): 

The Bicycle Lefty Deck is the world's first and only reverse-index Bicycle deck. Officially licensed and printed by the US Playing Card Company, the Lefty Deck is a terrific utility item for any magician.

This deck can be used for unique new forces, peeks, spreads, fans, color changes, and reveals. Lefties will appreciate the ability to perform standard peeks and fans, while righties can take advantage of reverse spreads and fans. All magicians can mix the Lefty Deck with a normal Bicycle deck for interesting forces, reveals, and color changes.

The Lefty Deck offers the classic Rider Back design and tuck case. Each of the faces has been reversed, with the indexes being moved to the upper-right and lower-left corners of the cards. The Lefty Deck is available in both RED and BLUE backs, printed on top-quality Bicycle stock with premium Magic finish for smooth handling and lasting durability.

All Lefty Deck purchases include a free video download starring Kevin Reylek, offering several fun ideas and magic tricks that can be accomplished with this deck.

Click here to see Bicycle Lefty Playing Cards on HOPC.
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