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News: Bicycle Club 808's Design-A-Deck Winner Sets Plans for Kickstarter Project This Fall

In May of this year, New Jersey based photographer/graphic designer Paul Michael Kane took home the number one spot in Bicycle Club 808's Design-A-Deck contest. Impressing the 100+ year old titan in the playing card industry is no easy task, yet Paul did it with his photography/camera inspired design. With the confidence that Paul gained from climbing to the top of Bicycle's design contest, Paul has set his sights on a much larger project - his very own custom playing card project.

Paul plans to launch his project, which is so far being called Paul Michael Kane Photography Photo Cards, on Kickstarter in the Fall of this year. As for the actual design, the idea stems from the design he won the contest with by encompassing Paul's love for photography.

The actual cards will change from the early edition of the deck seen above as Paul is still working on finalizing the artwork. Currently, Paul has a few decisions to make regarding the direction of the court cards and the other cards in the deck. Paul plans to launch a website for the cards as well as an eBook. You can currently follow Paul's design process as he prepares to launch the project on his Facebook group that he created specifically for the project.

Paul is not new to fine art photography and card design as he previously had success with a tarot card deck - The Konxari Cards - a sort of tarot set of 88 cards with Paul's photography on the face (and back) of each card.

Here is Paul's winning back design:

News: Bicycle Club 808's Design-A-Deck Winner Sets Plans for Kickstarter Project This Fall Reviewed by Ivan on 8/06/2013 Rating: 5


  1. Kudos to Paul for his much deserved award. What you might not know about Paul is that he is a ardent supporter of the preservation of historic sites. Thanks Paul for all you do.

  2. Really cool! Great article. Congratulations Paul.

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