News: Uusi Announces Plans to Launch Blue Blood Playing Cards Redux

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News: Uusi Announces Plans to Launch Blue Blood Playing Cards Redux

A little over a month ago Uusi's Royal OPTIK playing card project was successfully funded on Kickstarter. While the Uusi team is hard at work bringing that project to loyal fans for a September delivery, they are also working on bringing back a fan favorite. Announced today on the Royal OPTIK Kickstarter page, Uusi is set to launch the second edition or redux of one of their previous decks, the Blue Blood Deck, which is sold out everywhere. This is not a standard reissue as it will receive a few updates and changes compared to the original deck. The project is set to launch the week of August 12.

Here is the official announcement as it reads on the Royal OPTIK Kickstarter page:

After receiving so many emails from backers, collectors and playing card enthusiasts around the world who missed out on our Blue Blood deck when we first brought it out a year and a half ago – and cannot find this sold out deck anywhere – we decided to bring the indigo monarchs back for one last appearance. Blue Blood Redux will be the title of our second edition of this deck design and we are hoping to release it on Kickstarter the week of August 12th. There will be some new court cards – a coup in the original heart suit, has seen the King overthrown by the original Jack of Hearts who truly makes for a unique and awesome suicide King. His replacement in the ranks is another stealth assassin who helped with the royal overthrow and has a watchful eye on his rogue king.

There has also been a replacement in the Spade Court as well – a new Jack has risen to take the spot of a vanquished warrior. Stealth and far more dangerous than his comrade he is a lethal threat ready for battle.

Aside from the court changes, we added two new animals for the Ace of Diamond & Ace of Hearts cards. There are other exciting new changes to the deck that we hope you will enjoy and that we feel make this version of the deck Blue Blood through and through!

Just a note before closing, the Blue Blood Redux deck is in addition to our six deck series - it is not our fourth deck. We are bringing it back by popular demand and to give a second chance to everyone who wanted to have all the decks in our series.

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