News: Ellusionist Confirms Release of Republic No. 02 Playing Cards

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News: Ellusionist Confirms Release of Republic No. 02 Playing Cards

When Ellusionist said there would be no more Sultan Republic playing cards printed again, it was one part bummer for those that missed their chance and another part awesome for those that got their hands on such a limited deck. Although a redesign or reissue of the Sultan Republic was predicted, it was never confirmed a fact by Ellusionist. That was the case until now.... Announced through the Ellusionist Facebook page during the early hours of August 10th, "a complete redesign of the Republic Playing Card series" called Republic No. 02 will be released on August 14th on

In typical Ellusionist style, the first announcement of this deck release was teased on Facebook and other Ellusionist social media in the early evening of August 9th with a special promo photo.

The second announcement confirming the release came complete with a teaser video and special landing page on that can be found here!

Although there are no actual images of the cards available just yet, the teaser photo certainly alludes to a white/lighter deck. However, this can all be smoke and mirrors in order to keep fans on their toes until the actual release!

A review of the original Sultan Republic on was posted in late May.

News: Ellusionist Confirms Release of Republic No. 02 Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 8/09/2013 Rating: 5


  1. Wow, another white deck. (What a shock)

  2. Yeah I felt the same way at first. However, we saw theory 11 release a white version of the Artisans and Monarchs. I have to say I think Ellusionist wouldn't follow that same model. But who knows?

    Plus now that I re-read the update and realize that it does not say "sultan" anywhere, I now believe that they actually are redesigning this deck completely. To release it simply as a recolored white deck would be a total let down given the teaser and production behind it. As well as complaints from fans hating on strictly recolored versions. We will find out on 8/14 if this is just a white deck, a recolor or something more.


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