News: The Blue Crown Announces New Playing Card Release- Nautical Playing Cards

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News: The Blue Crown Announces New Playing Card Release- Nautical Playing Cards

Yesterday The Blue Crown teased us with images of an upcoming deck release but left no details. Today the details came with more information on the deck itself including a release date.

Announced today in an event created by The Blue Crown's Alex Pandrea, the new deck is called The Nautical Deck. Designed by artist Edo Huang, The Nautical Deck boasts a heavy sea and ship-inspired theme and will be available in a red and blue back design with nautical design elements such as boat rope, life preservers and other "nautical" type elements. The deck will also be released in a limited edition white back design, which will come with a limited edition tuck case and new Ace of Spades.

If you need more than the design to reel you in, The Nautical Deck is not a USPCC playing card deck. Being printed in Shanghai, China the new deck will be printed on thin playing card stock with an embossed finish. According to The Blue Crown, "the more they are used, the better the cards perform." This is the first time The Blue Crown has used a non-USPCC printer.

It is not clear whether or not what other card decks use this same stock and printer as the Nautical deck. Although just this summer Conjuring Arts Research Center had their new entity's first release Expert Playing Card Co. Global Titans printed in Shanghai as well. Both releases show a search for new products and quality to provide to customers and fans.

The Nautical Deck is set to be released this upcoming Thursday August 29th at 8pm on The Blue Crown's website.

Here is a peak at The Nautical Deck courtesy of The Blue Crown.

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  1. Greetings Scott. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of the value of a deck I just purchased, or where I might find the true value. It is the "SIGNED Very Rare Bicycle Allure" deck. #4 OF 48 IN EXISTENCE. I'm somewhat new at card collecting and don't know if I should keep it or sell. Thanks very much.

  2. Hi Roberta, thanks for reaching out. There is no official value given out to playing card decks. Usually the value is driven by the market. So the way I determine value of my decks is by going to Ebay and searching for the product there. I check price there or if it is being offered. I check number of decks released, which in your case is very low so that is a good thing. I then check condition and if the deck is still in production. If no one is selling the deck that you have and it is in perfect condition, you can set the value of what you think it is worth. The market will tell you the truth whether it is high or not.

    My advice is you hold on to it. Numbered and signed decks are usually collector's editions. I also believe that particular deck is out of print as it was a kickstarter deck.

  3. Thank you! Very much appreciated!


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